About our endurance and triathlon coaching team

Our team of professionals work to continually raise the bar for our own education and participation in sport to bring the best to our athletes. Our training, coaching, systems and nutritional strategies have helped athletes of all levels achieve their individual goals. 

Coach Dave

Owner/Head Coach

Lifelong Athlete + Coach

Head Coach/Owner - Triathlon Coaching

Coach Dave is a life-long athlete with a passion for helping others succeed. Growing up, Dave cycled and played various team sports, such as baseball, hockey, and football. While competing and striving to achieve his own goals, he always had a strong work ethic and a natural ability to mentor others who were less experienced. His dedication and hard work has always allowed Dave to succeed on his own, as well as to facilitate improvements in others. 

In 2008, Dave discovered the sport of triathlon, and that passion for helping others was ignited once again. After participating in his first triathlon, Dave knew very little about the sport, but spent years reading and studying everything he could on the subject. After securing his USAT Coaching Certification in 2012, he founded Power2Tri Multisport and has been successfully coaching triathlon with adult athletes ever since.

Coach Dave has prepared many athletes for their first triathlon, longer distances like 70.3 or Ironman, Overall and Age Group (AG) podiums and/or national and world championship qualification.

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Coach Gabe

From running to triathlon to helping others in endurance sports

Coach Gabe on Triathlon Bike

Gabe has a lifelong background in running and has been competing in triathlons for over 10 years. He has experienced first-hand, that we aren’t born fast, we become fast and often times a coach can help you achieve levels you couldn’t no your own. Endurance athlete’s need to be designed and cultivated by training cycles that focus on ways that can best enhance your current strengths, and improve personal restrictions.

Gabe has a curiosity in the field of human performance in endurance events and that has driven him to gain his USAT Coaching certification to understand additional aspects of how we as athletes can improve consistently over time. With the knowledge is power mentality he views imparting knowledge to his athletes is a vital component to enhancing their capabilities.

Having a coach who understands the balance athletes are constantly playing to mitigate external factors and competition success will be at the fore thought of his coaching style. The plan design is the easy part, execution, dedication and recovery is up to the athlete.




Sports Nutritionist, RD, LDN

An accomplished athlete, Sports Nutritionist and RD

Headshot sports nutritionist Sonia

Sonia is a lifelong runner and multisport athlete, with over 8 seasons of triathlon competition.  Throughout her goals and accomplishments, improving nutrition has always been a keen interest, to optimize athletic performance and health.  This enthusiasm led to a new career path.  After a successful 14 year technology career, Sonia obtained a second degree to become a Registered Dietitian in 2017, with an emphasis on sports nutrition.  Triathletes have increased nutrient and hydration needs which cannot be ignored – nutrition is the 4th discipline! 

Working as a collaborative team, we can optimize performance, recovery, and overall well-being, by properly fueling and hydrating.  Sonia is dedicated to improving multisport performances through individualized needs.  Her philosophy: Nutrition is a competitive advantage.  Understanding that one size does not fit all, we strategize to provide safe and achievable goals, to maximize athletic potential.